About Us

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A Simple Philosophy

We are a team of dedicated, skilled professionals who have provided residential and commercial clients with carpentry, cabinetry, renovation and general contracting services while ensuring quality workmanship and client satisfaction.

Bourque Renovations has been serving clients in Sarnia-Lambton and surrounding areas for nearly three decades.

Founded in 1988 by Mike Bourque as a small business initially working from his parents' garage, the business has grown into a thriving company with a reputation for quality service and workmanship.

Bourque Renovations provides custom carpentry, cabinetry, renovation and general contracting services to customers in the residential and commercial sectors.  Due to the quality of our products and services we take great pride in how highly regarded we are throughout the area and we work tirelessly to ensure we live up to our reputation.

We believe it is our ethics policy that sets us apart.  It reflects our fundamental commitment to integrity and honesty in all dealings.  We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard and under no circumstances will we compromise these values and risk sacrificing our good name.

Our Story

Its the dream to turn a passion or hobby into a successful business and for us, it started with a door handle.

If asked by a local grandmother to change a door handle, most companies would question their own policy of 'no job to small', however not us.  Life is always about the details, and that handle in question cost less than $10 dollars, took less than 10 minutes to change, in fact the subsequent cup of coffee and conversation lasted considerably longer than the job.  Every business has a beginning, and this is ours.  Just weeks into having started the company, this work was done on Mikes way home one evening.  He never billed this lady, and simply considered it his good dead for the day.  A short while later that same lady asked for the door that owned the handle to be changed as well and over the course of the next few months more and more work came via this ladies referral.  By the end of our first year, we were putting an addition on her daughters home.

And so it began, with a fundamental understanding that if we took care of our clients, if we kept our word and went the extra mile, everything else would take care of itself.  From those humble beginnings, Bourque Renovations now proudly employs more carpenters and renovators than any other company in the area, ensuring each lives up to our founding principles and helps keep the promises we make to our clients, each and everyday.

Team Bourque

No one person can do it all, no matter how good they are.  At Bourque Renovations we acknowledge this and ensure we always have the right team for the project.  With a broad and diverse skill set, our team can ensure that every project completed with the goal of exceeding expectations.


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Info about our training, insurance and safety protection for guys

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Experience & Reputation

We know what you’re expecting to hear, our quality, our attention to detail, our ‘customer centric’ approach.  While these things are true, these words have been so overused by those who don’t mean them that today they have almost lost all meaning.  Every renovator will tell you about their quality, every renovator will tell you about their attention to detail, yet the universal truth is how few renovators there are who mean it.  Instead we prefer to allow our clients to speak on our behalf, click below to hear what they have to say about Bourque Woodworks, because as we all know, it’s the referrals from existing clients that count…

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Scope of Work

  • Additions – Extensions – Handle everything
  • Renovations
  • General Carpentry
  • Residential / Commercial Kitchens & Baths
  • Trim Work
  • Custom Carpentry
  • General Contracting
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Client Service

This is standard against which we judge ourselves, our levels of client service and our unyielding goal of ensuring everything we do is to the standard we would expect.  It’s not enough to make sure the result is as promised, it’s all about the journey and it starts with the very first time you contact us.  Our reputation is everything and the best way to protect it is to keep our word, don’t make promises we aren’t certain we can keep and to be upfront and honest, not to mention available, every step of the way

A renovation can be one of the most exciting experiences, or it can become daunting and overwhelming, we ensure the former and will work with you every step to ensure ‘something’

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